The 8March Foundation has been established thanks to the success of the Innovation Manor - Rokietnica concept. It is a project of Natalia Gnoińska - the President of our Foundation - who not only became a finalist of the New European Bauhaus 2022 festival but also was among the 50 best projects in Europe. The award memorializes beautiful, sustainable, and inclusive achievements and supports the younger generation in further developing new concepts and ideas.

We are very happy to inform you about the long-term partnership with the Rzeszów University of Technology, which we will work together with on the implementation of the Innovation Manor concept.

  • We promote the regions, municipalities, villages or towns in which we carry out projects and with which we cooperate,

  • We act sustainably by implementing pro-environmental activities, inspired by new technologies and respectful in our approach to heritage,

  • At every stage of our projects, we share knowledge and take care to fuel the curiosity, competence and experience of those involved in our activities,

  • We build awareness of the sense of belonging between the local community and the monument,

  • We dispel myths related to monuments and their role in a sustainable society of the future,

  • We explain why civic engagement, awareness of individual self-determination and grassroots action are key to achieving climate neutrality and a sustainable tomorrow.

  • We work with educational institutions, research networks, local government units, private and public entities and many more,

  • We offer ideas and methodologies for the respectful implementation of revitalisation, renovation, and modernisation based on the knowledge of our specialists - architects, engineers, sociologists and advisors specialising in the management and running of high-budget projects,

  • We are piloting the creation and, in the future, the implementation of solutions to improve energy efficiency, operate within a closed-loop economy, and socially engage with architectural monuments,

  • We bring together rural and urban environments around the idea of lifelong learning, innovation, and well-being centered on the shared cultural and architectural heritage axis.

  • Based on the tenets of the New European Bauhaus, we implement our proprietary concept Innovation Manor - addressing issues of sustainable conservation, networking, digital competence building and civil society,

  • We have knowledge of best practices for the restoration of historic buildings and how to prepare them for the challenges of the 21st century,

  • We have a vision of transforming abandoned and forgotten monuments into local community centers, innovation hubs, and places of learning.

8March Foundation and UN's Sustainable Development Goals

Our activity is related to the local rural community, where access to essential services, education or cultural events is limited. The March 8th Foundation fights against social discrimination, promoting equality and ensuring sustainable economic development of the region.

Just like the impact of the environment, the interior design of a facility and spatial design affects people's mental health. Therefore, our Foundation wants to positively influence the well-being of people by following the principles of the psychology of architecture.

We strive to provide easier access to culture and education in rural areas. In addition, we want the local community to participate in our project activities. Our goal is also to create craft schools where we will support forgotten professions, such as local crafts.

The goal of the Innovation Manor project is to reduce the carbon footprint. In addition, we plan to use technology to optimize resources through the building management system and educate about sustainable solutions related to the circular economy.

We care about providing new jobs for the local community. We plan to recruit local staff and team leaders to work at the manor and to engage regional and international partners to provide knowledge, mentoring, career advice, and digital skills.

We strive to create a sustainable and inclusive space that will connect rural and urban environments around the idea of learning and well-being. Following sustainable strategies, new technologies and a respectful approach to heritage, we will create places that foster a sense of community and well-being.

We want to regenerate 100% of the green areas and draw on the given area's modern water supply and sewage system to reuse water through the rainwater collection system and natural filtration. The priority is to reuse and preserve as much of the original tissue and building materials as possible.

The Innovation Manor concept can be recreated anywhere in Europe with the involvement of a diverse community, strong network and dedicated funding. The goal is to create relationships inspired by the five-fold helix of innovation: university-industry-government-environment-society.

Our scope of activity

Heritage Conservation

The 8 March Foundation was established to save historic buildings (especially in the countryside) and adapt them to the requirements of the 21st century for the benefit of the local community. In this way, we will build social capital. Read more ...

Research and education

We believe in science, education and the power of cooperation. Therefore, as part of the 8Marca Foundation, we try to involve various environments in each of the projects in order to develop innovative solutions. Read more ...


Our priority is to reuse and preserve as much of the original tissue and building materials as possible after prior discussions and approval by the local heritage conservator. Read more...

We invite you to join our projects. Currently, we create the Innovation Manor.

Our team

We combine the energy of youth with the experience of age!

Foundation Board of Management

Natalia Gnoińska

Iwona Telakowska

Foundation Council

Anna Gnoińska

Stella Figurzyńska

Advisor Assembly

A unique group that supports the foundation in the development and creation of further programs in line with our mission.

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