Heritage conservation

The 8 March Foundation was established to save historic buildings (especially in the countryside) and to adapt them to the requirements of the 21st century for the benefit of the local community. In this way, we will build social capital.

Historic buildings play an important role in the local community because they are part of it. Many of them are currently neglected and crumbling because there is often a lack of funds for their revitalization and no idea for their development.

The aim of the project is to create a platform "innovation manor" associating historic buildings that will adapt to the requirements of the EU Green Deal, in accordance with the principles of the New European Bauhaus. The platform will perform 2 functions: a knowledge base (financial, technical, social, business) and a development base (joint purchases, event management, booking management, etc.)

At the 8March Foundation, we are convinced that by using sustainable strategies, new technologies, and a respectful approach to heritage, we will create beautiful places that will foster a sense of community and well-being.

Does a monument have to be associated with a museum? No. We believe that it can be used by a wide audience. We want historic buildings to be vibrant with life, where children run, craftsmen training and cultural events take place.

All this with full respect for the art of conservation.

Monuments are witnesses of the past, and our mission is to keep them well in the future.