Sustainable development, as it is understood by the 8March Foundation, means that we conduct business in order not to waste, but even to rebuild resources for the future.

Three important elements of our business create its sustainability:

  • searching for solutions that build social capital

  • searching for infrastructural solutions aiming at the circular economy

  • making the most of the existing building tissue and paying particular attention to biodiversity

We will achieve our goals using the available technology and knowledge, as well as creating new knowledge based on the collected data and research carried out on the premises of the facilities under the care of the 8 March Foundation.

The main design goal of the Innovation Mannor is to pilot solutions that increase environmental sustainability. We want to use this project to showcase and engage the community in the innovative use of available technology, both with respect for heritage and with a focus on constantly looking to the future and promoting circularity.

Our priority is to reuse and preserve as much of the original building tissue and materials as possible after prior discussions and approval by the local heritage conservator. This has environmental concerns and a reduction in the project's carbon footprint. What's more, not only do we plan to regenerate 100% of green areas in the spirit of protecting biodiversity, but we also strive to draw from the modern water supply and sewage system of the area in order to reuse as much water as possible through the rainwater collection system, as well as a natural filtration.

At the same time, we want to educate the community and visitors about our sustainable solutions.

Together we will leave our Planet better than we found it.