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Artur Celiński

Editor-in-chief of ‘Architektura-murator’; publicist, researcher and urban policy maker. Co-founder and, since 2012, deputy editor-in-chief of ‘City Magazine’. As part of the ‘DNA of the City’ programme, he has been supporting the development of social action and the sustainability of urban investments since 2008. Author of city podcasts - including the ‘city-feeling’ project linking mental health, emotions and the city. Deputy editor-in-chief of the quarterly ‘Res Publica Nowa’ from 2010 to 2018. From 2018 to 2019, he collaborated with Radio TOK FM. Co-founder of the Congress of Urban Movements and originator of the Urban Theses. Guest lecturer at universities (UW, UKSW, Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts).

He participates in Thematic Track 1: COLLABORATION: Creative Industries and New European Bauhaus for Heritage.

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