Sustainability as defined by the March8 Foundation means that we are conducting our activities so that we do not waste, but rather rebuild resources for the future.

Three important elements of our business create its sustainability:

Let us achieve our goals by using available technology and knowledge, and by creating new knowledge based on the data collected and research conducted at the sites.

Our priority is to reuse and preserve as much of the original fabric and building materials as possible after prior discussion and approval by the local conservation officer. This raises ecological issues and reduces the carbon footprint of the project. Furthermore, not only do we plan to regenerate 100% of the green space in the spirit of biodiversity conservation, but we also aim to draw on the site's modern water and sewerage system to reuse as much water as possible through a rainwater harvesting system as well as natural filtration.

At the same time, we want to educate the community and visitors about our sustainable solutions. 

Together, we will leave the Planet better than we found it.

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March8 Foundation vs. SDG's

Our work is linked to the local rural community, where there is limited access to basic services, education or cultural events. The March8 Foundation fights social discrimination, promoting equality and ensuring the sustainable economic development of the region.

Just like the impact of the environment, the interior design of a building and spatial design affect people's mental health. Our Foundation wants to positively influence people's well-being according to the principles of architectural psychology.

We are working hard to provide easier access to culture and education in rural areas. We want the local community to participate in our project activities. We also aim to create craft schools, where we will support forgotten professions such as local handicrafts.

The goal of the Innovation Manor concept is to reduce the carbon footprint. We plan not only to use technology to optimise resources through a building management system, but also to educate about sustainable solutions related to the circular economy.

We are committed to providing new jobs for the local community. We plan not only to recruit local staff and team leaders to work in the manor, but also to engage regional and international partners to provide knowledge, mentoring, career guidance, and digital skills.

We aim to create sustainable and inclusive spaces that bring together rural and urban environments around the idea of learning and wellbeing. Following sustainable strategies, new technologies and a respectful approach to heritage, we will create places that foster a sense of community and wellbeing.

We want to regenerate 100% of the green spaces and draw on the modern water and sewerage system of the site to reuse water through a rainwater harvesting system as well as natural filtration. The priority is to reuse and preserve as much of the original fabric and building materials as possible.

The Innovation Manor concept can be replicated anywhere in Europe with the involvement of a diverse community, a strong network and dedicated funding. The aim is to create relationships inspired by the fivefold helix of innovation: university-industry-government-environment-society

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