Innovation Manor - Nowe Sioło

In the village of Nowe Sioło there are the remains of a park and manor complex, which are privately owned, and farm buildings, which belong to the municipality. The commune of Cieszanów is the first official partner commune with which F8M works on a daily basis.

The project consists of two separate, complementary activities. The first part consists of supporting the municipality's team in preparing, raising funding and implementing a new idea (related to music) for the manor granary.

The second part of the project is the idea of developing the manor complex into a school and campus for heritage stakeholders ranging from stewards, officials, architects, conservators and specialists, focusing on the restoration of disappearing crafts. The school could become a living laboratory, thus providing a place to acquire theoretical knowledge and back it up with practical experience. The plan is for both the project and the restoration of the manor house and the revitalisation of the park to be the students' first project, and for the campus to become their safe haven, encouraging more students to become involved in its activities.

The complex in Nowy Siole is located in the district of Lubaczów. The manor house, built at the end of the 17th century, was of a defensive nature. In the park with exotic old trees (7 hectares), the remains of the fortifications have been preserved as an original addition to the manor buildings.

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