The story of the March8 Foundation is a story of passion, friendship and dreams of a better future for us all
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We are the first civic initiative in Poland, which was created to give a second life to forgotten historical objects in an innovative way. Help us make our heritage a source of future inspiration and progress! 

Our activities are possible above all thanks to the support of people like you, because we are a citizens' initiative. This means that there are no big sponsors or state institutions behind us. It is only thanks to the support of the wider community that we will be able to focus on fulfilling our statutory goals of saving monuments, education and popularising the practice of sustainable conservation in Poland.

We achieve our goals through interdisciplinary collaboration. Our network of partners grows every day. We are grateful for your trust and creative cooperation.

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March8 Foundation bank details (IBAN): 41 1140 1010 0000 4728 3300 1001 

March8 Foundation KRS: 0000977506, REGON: 522456670, NIP: 7922316465