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Educational activites

We engage in educational activities promoting green skills, future skills, and the ideals of the New European Bauhaus.

Let's build the future together

Creativity workshops

We conduct workshops dedicated to revitalisation inspired by the ethos of the New European Bauhaus: beautiful, sustainable, together. 

During the workshop participants acquire new skills related to sustainability and learn how to act in their neighbourhood to improve the quality of life while reducing impact on the environment and building resilience to climate change. 


Insights into the New European Bauhaus

Webinar / training

Embark on an exploration of the New European Bauhaus principles and strategies for enhancing climate resilience in communities and buildings.
Our webinar/training session sheds light on the challenges faced by individuals and their built environments, offering actionable insights for fostering sustainability. 

During this training participants improve their sustainability competences and place the challenges of their daily life in a broader context. 

Green skills

Lifelong learning course

Enroll in our extensive course designed to cultivate sustainability skills, rooted in the principles of lifelong learning. Through a comprehensive curriculum spanning various disciplines, participants will gain in-depth knowledge and practical expertise in fostering sustainable practices across diverse sectors. Our course empowers learners to become agents of positive change, equipping them with the tools and mindset necessary to navigate complex sustainability challenges in both personal and professional contexts.


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Crowdfunding call

for the implementation of the Innovation Manor® concept on the crowdfunding platform


You can help us fulfil our mission in many ways. Get started today! You can support us for free, join as a volunteer or become our donor. Remember that donations are tax deductible.

Why you can trust us?

In Poland, we have nearly 80,000 historic buildings. The National Heritage Institute (NID), estimates that public funding can cover about 20% of their needs. This means that the remaining 80% of funds for renovation and maintenance of historic buildings must flow from the civil society, entrepreneurs. At the foundation, we also believe that a well-operated monument can earn for itself through proper management of all resources, including energy and also through economic and social activities.

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