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Our mission

We are making historical sites a source of inspiration, community involvement and permanent development. We are shaping a better future whilst keeping our common heritage for future generations. 


Impact of our actions on the environment

We want for the heritage and historical sites to become a good example of a sustainable transformation and fulfilment of the ideals of the New European Bauhaus. It is important to us that the environment we live in, which heritage is an inseparable part of, is more sustainable, inclusive and beautiful.


Our committment

We want for our heritage and historical sites to serve everyone because they are an important part of a healthy, sustainable, inclusive, and just society.

8Marca Foundation was created to engage everyone in heritage conservation and harnessing their potential. It is at the core of our Innovation Manor® concept. The goal of our organisation is to create beautiful, harmonious, multipurpose spaces accessible to everyone. We are focusing on the forgotten heritage sites, especially those in the countryside and small towns. We believe that they are a valuable resource for communities, for economic development and to counteract the effects of climate change. We get inspired by the ideals of the New European Bauhaus. It means that our projects are interdisciplinary, going beyond the mainstream, and are based on cooperation. Our mission is to not only preserve the cultural heritage but also create spaces where everyone can participate, reaping the benefits of our projects. 


We operate thanks to your support!

Our values


Cooperation: Cooperation is a key for our projects, we are joining forces with the experts, local communities, and business partners to yield long-lasting results,


Innovation: The concept of Innovation Manor is a combination of traditional methods with modern technology. Thanks to this, innovations are created.


Courage: We take on challenges with courage to create places that inspire society to be actively engaged.


Curiosity: Our curiosity is driving us to constantly search for innovative solutions, which combine history with modernity and are paving the way for others. 


Creativity: Our creativity is letting us create unique and inspiring projects, which combine aesthetics with functionality and science with practical solutions.


Diversity: We value diversity in our projects, creating spaces which reflect the cultural opulence of communities and are accessible to all.

Our mission and goals as defined by our Statutes

Based on our vision, commitments and values, the foundation's Statutes defines its goals and the actions we take to achieve our statutory goals. We encourage you all to read the statute because we attach particular importance to the transparency of our activities.

In total, we have 18 statutory goals. They can be divided into the following groups:  

  1. Building a cooperation network.

  2. Acquiring, rescuing, and restoring, responsibly and sustainably, heritage sites.

  3. Educating, and raising awareness about Polish heritage and Polish culture in Europe, and about European heritage in Poland.

  4. Promoting innovation, entrepreneurship and cooperation. 


To achieve its objectives, the Statute specifies a range of actions that the foundation can undertake:

  1. Acquiring funds from diverse sources, public and private. We offer both the options of financial and non-financial support.

  2. Leading renovation projects and looking for such purposes for the heritage sites, so that they can, in the future, fully fund themselves. 

  3. Being involved in international research projects, spreading he knowledge, supporting local craftspeople and artists, organising cultural events and many other actions, which can be organised around the heritage sites. 


You can show your support by becoming involved - there are a lot of options - join us today! 

Our Annual reports

As a non-governmental organisation, financed by a wide range of donors and one benefiting from public grants, we work in a transparent way and in accordance with law. You can read about our activities in our annual reports.


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Support us

You can help us fulfil our mission in a lot of ways. Start today! You can support us non-financially by becoming our volunteer or financially by becoming our donor. Remember that all the donations are tax-deductible. 

Why you can trust us?

In Poland, we have over 80 thousand heritage sites. The National Heritage Institute (NID) estimates that public financing can cover only 20% of the needs of these sites. This implies that the remaining 80% of funds for renovations and maintenance must come from civil society and entrepreneurs. At the F8M Foundation, we believe that a well-governed heritage site can sustain itself through proper resource management, including energy, as well as through economic and social activities.

Get involved

Become our volunteer or donate for our mission!

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