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Pasja doprowadziła nas tutaj

Our daily work

We act, create, and innovate to give forgotten historical sites a second life.

Through our innovative approaches, we strive to revive these historical treasures, ensuring their preservation and relevance for future generations.

3 areas of our activities

We are part of the New European Bauhaus movement. This means that our projects value aesthetics, sustainability and community involvement. 


Educational activities

We engage in educational activities promoting green competences, future skills, and the ideals of the
New European Bauhaus. We empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to address environmental challenges and embrace sustainable practices. By fostering creativity, innovation, and a deep understanding of the principles of the New European Bauhaus, we inspire future generations to design and build
a more sustainable
and harmonious world.


Research activities

F8M is dedicated to advancing research and innovation in heritage preservation, climate action, and sustainable architecture, inspired by the principles of the New European Bauhaus. Our work focuses on exploring innovative solutions for heritage buildings, integrating climate-friendly practices, and promoting sustainable construction. Through collaborative projects and community engagement, we aim to create built environments that honor our heritage while fostering sustainability and resilience.

External renovation

Transformation of monuments

The Innovation Manor®️ concept pioneers sustainable building conservation with a focus on people and natur.e. It integrates heritage conservation with contemporary needs, prioritising active community engagement. By considering social and economic factors, it empowers communities, creates economic opportunities, and strengthens neighborhood cohesion. Through collaboration and stakeholder engagement, it fosters a sense of ownership and drives sustainable revitalisation efforts


0 cost donation

it's a smart app, support us for free and enjoy discounts on online purchases


F8M bank account

is a simple way to make a donation to support our mission


1.5% of your income tax (only for Polish tax residents)

from February to the end of April, remember us when filing your annual income tax return (only for Polish taz residents)


F8M piggy bank

it is a one-click support for every budget.


Crowdfunding call

for the implementation of the Innovation Manor® concept on the crowdfunding platform

I contribute

You can help us fulfil our mission in many ways. Get started today! You can support us for free, join the group of volunteers or become our donor. Remember that donations are tax deductible.

Why is it worth trusting us?

There are nearly 80,000 historic buildings in Poland, and much more in Europe. The Polish National Heritage Institute (NID) estimates that public funding can cover approximately 20% of their needs. This means that the remaining 80% of funds for the renovation and maintenance of historic buildings must come from the public and entrepreneurs. At the F8M Foundation, we also believe that a well-developed monument can finance itself thanks to appropriate management of all resources, including energy, as well as through economic and social activities.

Get involved

Become our volunteer or support our activities!

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