Innovation Manor Lab

A new dimension of holistic education for a sustainable future of historic buildings

This is one of F8M's key areas of activity. The main project is to create a modern education path for stakeholders involved in the conservation, management and transformation of historic buildings and to support the development of disappearing crafts.

The Innovation Manor Lab is dedicated to Poland and Ukraine (due to the need for reconstruction after the war). Nevertheless, the materials and knowledge transferred during the course are universal and transferable to any heritage work within and outside Europe.

The course will be conducted in English with the option of subtitles in Polish, Ukrainian and, depending on interest, other national languages.

The pilot will be conducted online until a suitable venue is developed (see Innovation Manor Nowe Sioło).

F8M has also prepared a training/workshop offer for various institutions and organisations in the field of NEB, energy transition and development of "green" competences, in line with the GreenComp Framework.

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