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Our activity is possible primarily thanks to your support, because as an NGO we finance ourselves mainly by donations, grants and subsidies. Thanks to this, we can remain focused on the implementation of our statutory goals related to education, promoting the activities of the New European Bauhaus, introducing the practice of sustainable monument conservation in Poland and building a civil society.

If these topics are close to you and you would like to support us, below you will find the forms in which you can get involved and work with us for a more sustainable tomorrow and the future of our monuments.

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Alone none of us can change the world, but acting together we are unstoppable! So support the 8Marc Foundation, help us create a future where our past can be a source of inspiration and innovation. 

We know that not everyone is ready or has the capacity to take matters into their own hands and actively support the work of a social initiative like the 8Marca Foundation. But to all those of you a little crazy and very creative who, like us, dare to dream and change the world, thank you very much! We are happy to have you with us! Together we can do more!

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We achieve our goals through interdisciplinary collaboration. Our network of partners grows every day. We are grateful for your trust and creative cooperation.

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