Welcome to the March8 Foundation (F8M)!

We act, we create, we innovate, to give 

a second life to forgotten heritage sites.

About us

Our civic initiative is based on the ideas of the New European Bauhaus (NEB) and our own concept of the Innovation Manor®. This means that through our work we want to motivate different audiences to care more about historic buildings. We are convinced that they are a treasure, a precious resource that we have no right to waste. We must preserve them for future generations.

In our projects, we seek answers on how to do this for the benefit of the local community and the Planet.

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"In the discussion about pursuing a sustainable agenda for the European Union and the United Nations, very often monuments, historic sites, are overlooked."

Working on a daily basis with different conservation communities, we try to convince them that it is worthwhile to use traditional technologies in innovative ways.



Sustainability as defined by the March8 Foundation means that we conduct our business so that we do not waste, but rather rebuild resources for the future.

Let us achieve our goals by using available technology and knowledge, and by creating new knowledge based on the data we collect and the research we conduct on the sites.


Innovation Manor® Concept

The concept, developed by a young Polish architect, addresses the problem of undeveloped architectural heritage sites located in rural areas. The idea is to find new functions for them in the future. The development plan is based on economically, socially and ecologically sustainable solutions.


TVP World

A discussion on monuments in times of armed conflict and conservation and restoration strategies in the TVP World. Natalia Gnoinska, F8M CEO, also speaks about the value and potential of heritage!


Public Activities

Our view of monuments in the context of sustainable development is relatively new. As pioneers, we need to convince, educate, encourage. That is why we try to be where our voice needs to be heard: at conferences, trade fairs and among institutions associated with monuments. We are also happy to talk to media representatives.


Don't wait! Join us and act! Together we will save the places we love.

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We achieve our goals through interdisciplinary collaboration. Our network of partners grows every day. We are grateful for your trust and creative cooperation.


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