Innovation Manor - Rokietnica

This is the founding project of the March8 Foundation. It involves community fundraising, buying back a historic building from a private owner and then revitalising it, according to NEB principles.

The aim is to create a place where researchers, students, digital nomads, creatives, business representatives and the local community can come together to create the space needed for collaboration.

Through this project we hope to create a place that can be an example, a source of education and inspiration for the local community, visitors, researchers and anyone who visits.

We also want to show that small towns and villages do not have to experience exclusion in favour of larger urban centres. They have potential and are still home to more than 30% of Europeans. They therefore deserve the chance to co-create their future.

At the heart of Europe on the border with Ukraine

Rokietnica is a village with a population of just over 4,000 inhabitants. It is picturesquely situated amidst the rolling hills of the Subcarpathian region. It lies between Jarosław and Przemyśl, not far from Rzeszów, Kraków or Lviv (in Ukraine).

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Innovation Manor - Rokietnica

Finalista Nagród Nowego Europejskiego Bauhausu 2022

#Welfare #SustainableDevelopment #Interculturalism #Historicity #Collaboration.

Transforming a dilapidated country estate into a local community hub and regional innovation centre.

Innovation Manor is a concept that can easily be replicated. This is where a monument becomes a place that promotes education, collaboration and innovation beyond all preconceptions. Our first project - a monument - is located in a dwarf village in the Podkarpacie region: Rokietnica. The manor house dates back to the 18th century and is part of a larger estate, dedicated to farming, which was the most important activity in the region. After World War II, the estate was nationalised and has not been used since 1988, to the disappointment of the local community.

Innovation Manor - Rokietnica aims to create a sustainable, inclusive and aesthetically pleasing space that brings together rural and urban environments around the idea of lifelong learning and wellbeing. Following sustainable strategies, new technologies and a respectful approach to heritage, we envision creating a beautiful place that fosters a sense of community and well-being. 

The idea of Innovation Manor encompasses the village of Rokietnica, as well as the wider region beyond. The property will be restored to the local community. The site's sense of belonging to its region will be restored through: building spaces of exchange, inclusion and education. Furthermore, the restoration of the property will focus on creating a deep sense of well-being by inviting personalities and academics to give lectures or organise performances at the Manor House. Our aim is to build a network of contacts linking the Manor to the cross-border region, other regions in Poland and internationally.

The Podkarpackie region has a strong potential for innovation, which has not yet been exploited, however, it is included in the regional development plan. The level of education, employment in agriculture, the low rate of ICT industries located in the region are the main elements of our development plan. We want the Innovation Mansion to become a representative monument symbolising the key assumptions of our Foundation.

What sets the project apart in terms of sustainability and the circular economy?

One of the main objectives of the Innovation Court is to pilot solutions that improve environmental protection. We want our project to exemplify the community's commitment to the innovative use of available technology, both with respect for heritage and with a focus on continually looking to the future and promoting a circular economy. Therefore, we plan to:

What distinguishes the project in social terms?

Innovation Manor is about community engagement, inclusion and a sense of belonging. Affordability and accessibility will be key elements of the project process, which means defining an operating model that allows for socially engaged activities and maintenance of the facility. Our idea is to revitalise and transform the Manor House into a place of shared experience and knowledge. We want to create a space that will give residents of the village and neighbouring towns the opportunity to discover new people, ideas and lifestyles.

Our objectives are

The Innovation Manor is a concept that can be easily replicated, with a historic building becoming a place that promotes education and collaboration in a sustainable and culturally sensitive way. It can be replicated anywhere in Europe with the involvement of a diverse community, a strong network and dedicated funding. The features mentioned above make the concept exemplary. It aims to create relationships inspired by the fivefold helix of innovation: university-industry-government-environment-society. 

What's more, designing and executing environmentally friendly solutions at a heritage site without changing its character will make the site unique to a wide variety of academic, business and political stakeholders. The whole idea is to combine social, environmental and aesthetic aspects to create a unique place in a region where the rural world still has an uneven playing field.

In summary, we also want to recreate an area that was once the beating heart of the village, an important employer and a place of international social activity. However, this time we want it to belong to a community across social and cultural differences. We are convinced that the symbiosis of Innovation Manor with the local community will result in increased social capital and, in the long term, higher levels of education, digitalisation and employment.

The full description of the project: NEB 2022

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