The Innovation Manor® concept, awarded as part of the New European Bauhaus Prizes (2022), is the foundation of our organisation.

The concept addresses the problem of neglected architectural heritage sites located in rural areas, seeking new functions for them and creating a development plan based on economically, socially and ecologically sustainable solutions.

In this way, F8M saves heritage sites while meeting the objectives of the EU Green Deal and climate neutrality by 2050.

The concept is based on a strategy of networking and grassroots movements. As a key in the development of a new model for the revitalisation of monuments, F8M is networking, cooperating, exchanging knowledge on a regional, national and also international scale. This will create places that are ideal for work and leisure, that encourage knowledge exchange and that stimulate innovation and collaboration between different communities.

The Innovation Manor concept, based on New European Bauhaus ideas, aims to create a sustainable, inclusive, aesthetically pleasing space, bringing together rural environments and urban innovations, such as coworking spaces, third sector organisations or modern cultural institutions, around the ideas of lifelong learning, innovation and wellbeing.

Innovation Manor & NEB

The New European Bauhaus (NEB for short) is a creative and interdisciplinary initiative that combines the European Green Deal with the realisation of sustainable transformation at the level of civil society and grassroots movements that follow the initiative's motto: beautiful, sustainable, together.

Innovation Manor & Sustainability

Sustainability as defined by the March8 Foundation means that we conduct our business so that we do not waste, but rather rebuild resources for the future.

Let us achieve our goals by using available technology and knowledge, and by creating new knowledge based on the data we collect and the research we conduct on the sites.



🎯 sharing knowledge with owners of historic buildings and ultimately creating a multifunctional digital platform Innovation Manor

🎯 developing a modern Heritage conservation programme for conservation professionals, builders, utilities and craftsmen

🎯 acquiring, restoring and repurposing historic buildings in line with NEB ideas and for the benefit of the local community

🎯 initiating and participating in scientific and research projects, cooperating with international higher education institutions and other civic society organizations, especially within the Horizon Europe & Erasmus+ programmes

🎯 awarding of the Innovation Manor quality label

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