The story of the March8 Foundation is a story of passion, friendship and dreams of a better future for us all

About the Foundation

The March8 Foundation (F8M) was founded in 2022 as a civic initiative by Natalia Gnoinska, an architect specialising in the sustainable conservation of historic buildings.

The F8M team is made up of specialists from different countries and disciplines, from architecture to communication and management. We speak a total of eight EU languages!

The interdisciplinarity, multigenerationalism and commitment of the team that the Founder gathers around her guarantee that the still young organisation will grow steadily and achieve its goals.

F8M's work is based as much on innovative activities related to historic buildings as it is on activities that build social commitment and interdisciplinary cooperation between different stakeholders from business, science, the third sector and public institutions in order to promote green transformation.

Why March8?

The name is not coincidental.

The place where the first headquarters of the 8Marca Foundation (F8M) was located was the municipality of Rokietnica (Jarosław district), and it is with this village that the first F8M project is connected. 

The name of the Foundation has two inspirations. On the one hand, it refers to International Women's Rights Day to commemorate the beginnings of the Foundation, which would not have been established without the participation and involvement of women.

On the other hand, the date refers to the place where F8M was founded. On this day in 1943, the pacification of Rokietnica took place as part of the occupier's retaliation against the inhabitants who were active in the Home Army and the Peasant Battalions.

At F8M, we believe that the past and the future are essential ingredients for sustainable innovation, which is why, from the beginning of our existence, we wanted to reflect this belief in the name of the Foundation.

New European Bauhaus

The foundation is implementing the Innovation Manor concept, awarded in the 2022 New European Bauhaus (NEB) Rising Stars competition.

It is around this concept that F8M conducts its statutory activities aiming to create places in historic buildings that foster economic development, green transformation and social progress.

The NEB is a creative and interdisciplinary initiative that connects the European Green Deal to people's living needs through socially and environmentally sustainable solutions that will ensure a just transformation of the.

Don't wait! Join us and act! Together we will save the places we love.

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